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progetti bacnet BACnet gateway for Siemens heat meters (Megatron family)


The eBACgw-Siemens is BACnet gateway to the M-BUS (meter bus) protocol used by Megatron heat meters made by Siemens. The device allows the integration of Siemens Energy meters into a BACnet network.

Download eBACgw-Siemens datasheet
Download PICS


Device profile

  • Gateway

Power supply
  • 5 V DC
  • 110/220V PSU included

  • 32 bit CPU

  • power supply
  • Ethernet 10/100
  • RS232/RS485

  • power supply
  • ethernet activity

BACnet Objects
  • energy

  • network discovery
  • secondary addressing mode
  • polling interval user selectable from 15 minutes up to 1 month
  • alarm and event notification
  • BBMD support
  • WEB configurator

The eBACgw-Siemens gateway is suited for building automation plants where is needed to integrate the information coming from Siemens Megatron heat meters into the BACnet network. The whole M-BUS network, where the meters are connected, is mapped on BACnet through the automatic allocation of specific BACnet objects. With these objects is possible to interact according to the rules set by the standard.
The gateway makes, on user request, the network discovery procedure to find M-BUS nodes even without knowing their address. The unique feature of this device is to support the “secondary addressing mode” defined by the M-BUS standard so it is possible to use the meter's serial number instead of its address.
ESAC can easily adapt this device to different brands and models of M-BUS meters.

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