eBACgw-ws - BACnet web service server

The eBACgw-ws is an example of how an IT solution can considerably simplify the integration process in building automation systems.

Web Service technology was born to grant interoperability among different software applications based on different hardware platforms and is becoming the technology leader in its field thanks to the features making it unique:

  • it's based on open standards and protocols, so it can be used without any obligation to specific products or brands
  • it uses HTTP protocol (transport level), already used by World Wide Web and carried by most firewalls and proxy servers
  • it's platform independent and language independent
  • it's a technology developed and used by the world biggest software houses, available as native in all last generation operating systems
  • the end-user can access it in a very "user friendly" way, also through the regular office-automation applications.

During year 2004, the ASHRAE Society published a BACnet Addendum establishing how to use web service technology in enterprise applications to support integration among many different data sources. Today that addendum has been improved and released. eBACgw-ws supports this last released version.

ESAC believes in the strength of this technology. That's why Esac developed a specific solution, making it ready to use and taking advantage of it in its system integration activity.

The eBACgw-ws offers web-service access to a BACnet network according to addendum C of 135-2004 standard. The device allows access to the BACnet network to the very common applications compatible with SOAP technology, the most adopted technology of distribuited computing.


  • automatic set-up
  • data collecting
  • data manipulation
  • network browsing
  • BBMD support
  • WEB interface

The eBACgw-ws allows direct integration of BACnet networks into building management systems supporting web-service technology. This technology is platform-independent, is supported by the major used office automation software and is compatible with all the most diffused programming languages, even web-oriented ones (PHP, Javascript, Java). This permit to develop, in a very simple way, user application or dynamic WEB pages that interact with the BACnet network, without taking care of the protocol implementation details. In the same way it is possible to develop spread-sheet or database that collect realtime data directly from the network.
The web-service interface is based on the most common internet protocol (HTTP) and so it can be easly used to connect remote applications even through firewalls and proxy-servers.

Device profile

  • Gateway

Power supply

  • 5 V DC
  • 110/220V PSU included


  • 32 bit CPU


  • power supply
  • Ethernet 10/100
  • RS232/RS485


  • power supply
  • ethernet activity


  • getValue
  • getValues
  • getArray
  • setValue