eBACgw-SNMP - BACnet to SNMP gateway

The eBACgw-SNMP allows access to the whole content of BACnet network through SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) tools commonly used by IT network administrators. Many of these tools are also available as Open Souce projects. This gateway allows taking advantage of investments already done in IT field to create management and supervision interfaces for the building automation system, or to extend the usual administration procedures for network components like workstations, printers, routers, switches, etc., to the BACnet network components as well.
The gateway allows SNMP access to BACnet objects, but it also operates as event routing, forwarding BACnet events toward suitable SNMP TRAP, and as device monitoring, checking time after time the network connection with BACnet devices not directly linked to the LAN (as for devices connected through MS-TP), and sending appropriate "link down" and "link up" trap to report problems.

The SNMP protocol (Simple Network Management Protocol), widely used into network management services, allows network-attached devices monitoring. The eBACgw-SNMP extends the management potential of this protocol to the whole object hierarchy of a BACnet network. It grants the access to every object property through appropriate OID SNMP. The device routes BACnet events to corresponding SNMP Traps and generates spontaneous “link-down” and “link-up” traps for each BACnet device, including those connected to MS/TP sub-networks through routers.



  • automatic set-up
  • MIB file management
  • Get, Set, GetNext services
  • event to trap routing
  • BACnet Device Monitor
  • BBMD support
  • WEB interface


Device profile

  • Gateway

Power supply

  • 5 V DC
  • 110/220V PSU included


  • 32 bit CPU


  • power supply
  • Ethernet 10/100


  • power supply
  • ethernet activity

SNMP services

  • Trap
  • Get
  • Set
  • GetNext