Building management solutions and integrated systems

Automation and Security Integrated Systems
ESAC is an Italian company located in the north of the country. Since its very first day of activity, ESAC has been committed to development, installation and maintenance of Integrated Building Automation Systems (IBAS). This is the main field where ESAC operates today.
Working mostly for office buildings, ESAC has a wide experience in: HVAC systems (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning), Lighting Control, Fire Systems, Access Control, Intrusion Detection, CCTV, People Addressing, People and Asset Tracking.
All the mentioned systems can have their own way to be monitored and controlled. ESAC gives to its solutions the added value of integration, for instance letting HVAC communicate with Lighting Control.
So, thanks to the integration, the user can take advantage of all the relations he can create among his building’s systems.
Since its constitution, the general strategic approach of the company to the IBAS has been the total correspondence of its solutions to open standards. After having worked with different standards, ESAC found BACnet to be the most suitable because of its openness.
This is why ESAC uses BACnet as the unifying platform for the integration of different systems.
BACnet is an ISO standard (ISO 16484-5 developed by ASHRAE.
Since 2004, ESAC is active in BACnet development, it is present in the BIG-EU (BACnet Interest Group Europe), it is participating to the ASHRAE SSPC135 meetings in the US and it works to setup the Italian BACnet Interest Group, to bring in Italy the culture of an open and standardized approach to BAS.
To gain the maximum advantage from its integration solutions, a software development team had been setup within the company. ESAC develops gateways from proprietary protocols to BACnet in order to take proprietary systems to real interoperability. Every gateway has been tested on the field in real installation. Today ESAC is working on development of services using BACnet as the standard transport protocol.

BACnet Gateways
As the first Italian company to be member of the BIG (BACnet Interest Group) Europe, ESAC is a system Integrator. ESAC implements integration projects on the field and takes advantage of this experience developing re-usable solutions.
The most common challenge ESAC faces everyday is to let different proprietary devices to communicate each other. In order to reach this goal ESAC uses BACnet as the best interoperable platform where to take all the proprietary systems.
Once a proprietary system has been connected to the BACnet network, ESAC can implement all those BMS functionalities that interoperability allows.
ESAC develops an engineered solution everytime a new proprietary system has to be connected to the BACnet network, this is why our gateways are stable and reliable: they come out from working experience in real world.

Benefits in implementing solutions based on BACnet gateways :

  • minimum distance between the problem and its solution, which means maximum flexibility and response speed
  • quick and inexpensive customization of every solution, since it doesn't involve other suppliers
  • simple and effective solutions, with a clear understanding of the problems, thanks to the long experience on the field
  • partnerships with systems manufacturers, allowing access to technical information needed to develop solutions
  • ESAC is at the same time solution manufacturer and user, granting reliability and continuity

This is the philosophy inspiring the birth and the growth of our range of solutions, specifically designed for BACnet integration of proprietary devices, togheter with the expertise in supporting and consultancy services offered to construction builders, designers, system integrators and installers interested in BACnet based multi-vendor solutions. Read more

Relay Adapters
ESAC adapters are a line of accessory products designed specifically to convert electrical signals to the outputs of specific controllers, transforming the signals from different types of outputs (depending on the specific model) in a clean relay contact.
The models differ mainly for the type of signal to which are connected and on which controllers can be installed.
The ESAC adapters is a valuable both in designing and in developing building automation systems.
The plug and play installation considerably reduces wiring time and accessory material waste. Optimizing controller inputs and outputs allows to expand and thereby take maximum advantage of the controller potential. Read more


Information about BACnet: