BACnet Gateways

As the first Italian company to be member of the BIG (BACnet Interest Group) Europe, ESAC is a system Integrator. ESAC implements integration projects on the field and takes advantage of this experience developing re-usable solutions.
The most common challenge ESAC faces everyday is to let different proprietary devices to communicate each other. In order to reach this goal ESAC uses BACnet as the best interoperable platform where to take all the proprietary systems.

Once a proprietary system has been connected to the BACnet network, ESAC can implement all those BMS functionalities that interoperability allows.
ESAC develops an engineered solution everytime a new proprietary system has to be connected to the BACnet network, this is why our gateways are stable and reliable: they come out from working experience in real world.

Benefits in implementing solutions based on BACnet gateways :

  • minimum distance between the problem and its solution, which means maximum flexibility and response speed
  • quick and inexpensive customization of every solution, since it doesn't involve other suppliers
  • simple and effective solutions, with a clear understanding of the problems, thanks to the long experience on the field
  • partnerships with systems manufacturers, allowing access to technical information needed to develop solutions
  • ESAC is at the same time solution manufacturer and user, granting reliability and continuity

This is the philosophy inspiring the birth and the growth of our range of solutions, specifically designed for BACnet integration of proprietary devices, togheter with the expertise in supporting and consultancy services offered to construction builders, designers, system integrators and installers interested in BACnet based multi-vendor solutions.

eBACgw-SNMP - BACnet to SNMP gateway
The eBACgw-SNMP allows access to the whole content of BACnet network through SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) tools commonly used by IT network administrators. Many of these tools are also available as Open Souce projects. This gateway allows taking advantage of investments already done in IT field to create management and supervision interfaces for the building automation system, or to extend the usual administration procedures for network components like workstations, printers, routers, switches, etc., to the BACnet network components as well.
The gateway allows SNMP access to BACnet objects, but it also operates as event routing, forwarding BACnet events toward suitable SNMP TRAP, and as device monitoring, checking time after time the network connection with BACnet devices not directly linked to the LAN (as for devices connected through MS-TP), and sending appropriate "link down" and "link up" trap to report problems.

eBACgw-ws - BACnet web service server
The eBACgw-ws is an example of how an IT solution can considerably simplify the integration process in building automation systems.
Web Service technology was born to grant interoperability among different software applications based on different hardware platforms and is becoming the technology leader in its field thanks to the features making it unique:

  • it's based on open standards and protocols, so it can be used without any obligation to specific products or brands
  • it uses HTTP protocol (transport level), already used by World Wide Web and carried by most firewalls and proxy servers
  • it's platform independent and language independent
  • it's a technology developed and used by the world biggest software houses, available as native in all last generation operating systems
  • the end-user can access it in a very "user friendly" way, also through the regular office-automation applications.

During year 2004, the ASHRAE Society published a BACnet Addendum establishing how to use web service technology in enterprise applications to support integration among many different data sources. Today that addendum has been improved and released. eBACgw-ws supports this last released version.
ESAC believes in the strength of this technology. That's why Esac developed a specific solution, making it ready to use and taking advantage of it in its system integration activity.

eBACgw - Multiprotocol BACnet gateways
It's an hardware/software platform allowing BACnet integration of very complex devices.
The hardware consists of a device server suitable for industrial environment installation. It's a device chosen among many available on the market for its technical features, performances and reliability.
The software, developed by ESAC, is based on Linux operating system, which is more and more used in embedded systems, thanks to its proven reliability, to the permanent support offered by a community of millions of developers and to the clear programming style.
Thanks to such an operating system and several hardware platforms available on the market, ESAC can focus entirely on software developing, the key element of this kind of applications.
ESAC developed a BACnet software platform which is very flexible, so it's easily adaptable to different proprietary protocols. Then the modular structure of the software allows high reusability, granting reduced developing and debugging times.
This research and development activity improves day after day ESAC expertise on BACnet integration of industrial communication protocols, either proprietary protocols of specific manufacturer or protocols like Modbus and Meter bus. At present, on this platform, the following gateways are available:

eBACgw-Biteck for smoke analizers
eBACgw-Kamstrup for Kamstrup heat meters
eBACgw-Meteo for weather information and forecasting
eBACgw-Mitsubishi for G50A and AG150 air conditioning control units
eBACgw-Notifier for AM2000/4000/6000 fire alarm systems
eBACgw-Tecnoalarm for TP8-64,TP16-256,TP16-512 (TECNO-OUT) intrusion detection systems
eBACgw-OVA for OVA G. Bargellini emergency lighting systems
eBACgw-Siemens for Siemens heat meters (MEGATRON family)

ESAC will be pleased to offer to everyone asking the expertises built up in this field to create new integration solutions for any other proprietary protocol.

eBACgw - B2B Sales terms and conditions.
It's an hardware/software platform allowing BACnet integration of very complex devices. Buying a gateway is a B2B transaction and this means that we are senlling the devices to another business with the aim the buyer to make further profit by reselling it.
As a B2B transaction and furthermore because the use of this device is due to a specific project requirement, it cannot be refundable. We make the user totally aware of the characteristics and functionalities of our gateway before the transaction. We do our best to make our gateways reliable and to satisfy our customer. This is why every single device is 100% tested before being delivered to the customer's site. Should the device present any deficiency or any bug, even after our accurate test, we will do our best to fix it in the shortest time possible.