BACnet Gateway for weather information

The eBACgw-Meteo is a BACnet gateway to the weather report services that collect data in different specified locations. These services are free and accessible through the Internet.


  • automatic service subscription
  • measurement of 9 meteorological quantities
  • observation of 7 atmospheric phenomena
  • updating interval user selectable
  • alarm and event notification
  • BBMD support
  • WEB configurator


The eBACgw-Meteo gateway is suited for building automation plants where is needed to integrate the weather information collected in a specific location into the BACnet network. Gateway data are updated time after time when a new weather report comes out, usually every 30-60 minutes. Device set-up is very simple: it’s sufficient to set the measurement geographical location (according to ICAO standard) and select the service sampling time. Service access is possible through HTTP inquiries and usually doesn’t need special settings in corporate router/firewall.
Alarm and notification events can be set-up on the basis of user defined limits or change of state of every managed object. In the “description” field of every object there is the time of the weather report containing the current data.


Device profile

  • Gateway

Power supply

  • 5 V DC
  • 110/220V PSU included


  • 32 bit CPU


  • power supply
  • Ethernet 10/100
  • RS232/RS485


  • power supply
  • ethernet activity

BACnet Objects

  • wind speed
  • wind direction
  • air temperature ground level
  • dew point
  • relative humidity
  • sea-level pressure
  • cloud cover
  • cloud heights
  • visibility ground level
  • atmospheric phenomena (rain, thunderstorm, snow, sleet, hail, mist, fog) presence and intensity