BACnet gateway for G50A and AG150 control units

The eBACgw-Mitsubishi is a BACnet gateway to the proprietary protocol used by Mitsubishi G50A and AG150 air conditioning control units.
The device integrates the air conditioning system into the BACnet network.

  • automatic set-up
  • can manage up to 4 G50A units or one AG150
  • air conditioner total control
  • alarm and event notification
  • BBMD support
  • WEB configurator

The eBACgw-Mitsubishi gateway is suited for building automation systems where Mitsubishi proprietary (M-NET) network integration to BACnet is needed. The whole M-NET network is mapped to BACnet by mean of appropriate objects. With these objects is possible to interact according to the rules set by the standard.
The eBACgw-Mitsubishi allows remote controlling of all the air conditioner functions and the information about air temperature and filter status.
Alarm notification events can be set-up on the basis of user defined limits. In the same way it is possible to notify events as like as air conditioner fail or exploited air filter. Any single functionality of the remote control panel can be enabled or disabled.


Device profile

  • Gateway

Power supply

  • 5 V DC
  • 110/220V PSU included


  • 32 bit CPU


  • power supply
  • Ethernet 10/100


  • power supply
  • ethernet activity

BACnet Objects

  • air-conditioner ON/OFF
  • working mode
  • air direction
  • fan speed
  • temperature set-up
  • temperature measure
  • change filter
  • unit in error
  • remote control features lock/unlock