BACnet Gateway for Biteck smoke analizers

The eBACgw-Biteck is a BACnet gateway to the proprietary protocol used by the Biteck smoke analizers. The device allows the integration of these analyzers into a BACnet network.

  • can manage up to 3 meters
  • 5 sec. polling interval
  • alarm and event notification
  • BBMD support
  • WEB configurator

The eBACgw-Biteck gateway is suited for building automation plants where is needed to integrate the proprietary protocol used by Biteck devices into the BACnet network. For each device configured, the gateway creates the appropriate objects needed to access all the results of the analysis done by the analyzer.
Alarm and notification events can be set-up on the basis of user defined limits or change of state of every managed object.


Device profile

  • Gateway

Power supply

  • 5 V DC
  • 110/220V PSU included


  • 32 bit CPU


  • power supply
  • Ethernet 10/100


  • power supply
  • ethernet activity

BACnet Objects *

  • smoke temperature
  • air temperature
  • O2 value
  • CO value
  • CO2 value
  • chimney differential pressure

* If provided by the manufacurer