AUA-2U for Delta Controls analog outputs DAC-1280, DAC-1616, DSC-1280 e DSC-1616

ESAC AUA-2U adapter converts two analog outputs, without APWR terminal, into two independent relay outputs (dry contacts).
The plug and play installation considerably reduces wiring time and accessory material waste.


  • plug and play on the controller
  • stackable
  • non-simultaneous switch
  • pre configured via software at the order

The ESAC AUA-2U adapter is designed to convert an electrical signal for the outputs of the controllers on which it is placed.
With this accessory it’s possible to directly use the outputs to convert two analog outputs without APWR terminal into two independent relay outputs (dry contacts).
The ESAC AUA-2U adapter can be installed on Delta Controls DxC-1280x e DxC-1616x controllers.




Device profile

  • accessory

Power supply

  • 24 VAC ± 15%
  • 8 mA ± 15% per output


  • Pre configured at the order


  • 2 analog outputs without APWR terminal

Analog input voltage

  • not provided

Outputs offered

  • 2 indipendent relay outputs (dry contacts)

Control implementation speed

  • 1 ms


  • connectors with non-removable screw terminal

Wiring class

  • Class 2